We are very proud of our first year at The Heights and all expectations were exceeded. We expected an environment that would more allow for our child to be encouraged to grow academically and socially and she was.


We absolutely love The Heights!! Hands down the best elementary school ever!! They have such kind and caring staff. It’s the best feeling ever when the staff and the principal know your child by their name. Even when he misses they acknowledge that he wasn’t there the day before and they’ve missed him. I also love how my child is challenged in his classroom. He’s never bored and continues to constantly grow. If you love the Razorbacks and are looking for a second family then the Heights is the place for you!

The Heights Parent  

Love the teachers, staff, environment, everything! Knowing my kids are loved by their teachers and WANT to go to school has put my mind at ease. Its also a plus to have a principal like Ms. Coleman.


Thank you to North Heights Community School and Texarkana Arkansas School District for the best year ever. We can’t say enough good things about Ms. Tucker, the North Heights Staff, and Principal Coleman. Just phenomenal. Those people really love kids.


I can’t express how thoroughly impressed we were on how this event “Kindergarten Graduation” turned out. Absolutely amazingly priceless. To all the kids, faculty, and staff…..Thank you! A special thank you to Ms. Tucker for taking care of our sweet baby. The Heights is such an amazing school.


We love The Heights! Exceptional teachers! Welcoming, sweet principal! Caring staff! Always smiling and happy to see us! We feel like family here and know that they care about our babies just like we do!

The Heights Parent  

I love this school and the staff! I’m looking forward to all the years ahead!


The Heights has meant so much to my family and to me this year. I have two students who have had the best school year ever! The staff and students go the extra mile to make a family atmosphere where learning is important and delightful. As a teacher, the family atmosphere has impacted my life because I feel connected to my students and their families. I have had many great experiences as a teacher this year, such as having my students come trick-or-treat at Halloween and building friendships at the football games with families I might not have otherwise met. My own children have formed friendships I know will last a lifetime because the faculty at The Heights makes sure that every child is loved and successful. My students enjoy clubs, the accelerated curriculum, the events that include the whole staff and family such as picnics on the grounds, and the day to day activities in class that are engaging, challenging, and fun. We love North Heights, and look forward to the next several years together!


The Heights has such an active staff. Always making their students feel special.