September 22, 2022

Today Ms. Tucker's class learned about the life cycle of an apple 🍎 🍏. With Johnny Appleseed day coming up and in honor of the first day of Fall, we read a book about “Fall Apples, Crisp and Juicy” by Martha E.H. Rustard and Illustrated by Amanda Enright. We talked about an apple orchard, parts of an apple, the life cycle of the apple, nectar, and pollination. We then moved our activity to be cross-curricular by learning about sequencing using an apple and understanding the order of events. 

After they finished their apple activity, they got their manipulative math boxes and worked on the one-to-one correspondence of numbers 1-10. They could use counters, bears, or blocks to count the number of their spinner. Then they practiced writing the number from their spinner by putting spaces between each number.

Hands-on activities are our favorite way to learn.