We had Mrs. Harris at The Heights from MicroSociety. She led a small group of third through fifth graders through special training to learn more about how our society will run once we have full implementation. Students had to choose a venture or an agency to work for. They were a part of the government, the bank, the warehouse, a game time venture, a comic creator venture, or the let's build venture. Every group had to purchase a business license, get a business loan, and then learn how to earn a profit to pay everything back in just two hours. These are real-life lessons! Check out their reflections to see their favorite parts of the morning! Thanks to Mrs. Harris and to MicroSociety for this opportunity! This program will be rolling out school-wide as we continue the school year. We have already been learning about government and the structures in MicroSociety for the past few weeks. The students are more eager than ever to get the ball rolling!


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